Cat Scratcher Post – Solving Cat Behavior Problems

What is the purpose of a cat scratcher post?

Cats love to scratch and if you want to share your home with one then you are going to need a cat scratcher post of some description. Scratching is one of the number one complaints from owners who experience cat behavior problems.

There is an alternative which is to accept that you furniture is probably going to get completely wrecked and your carpets will in all probability end up shredded. You may of course love your little feline friend so much that it does not matter, but for the vast majority of people I doubt that this would be the case.

Cats enjoy scratching but they don’t do it just for fun. Some of the time when a cat scratches he will be doing it just for the sheer fun of it but there is more to it than that. Scratching is also a very important part of a cat’s natural instinctive behavior. They scratch to they mark out their territory using scent glands

Scratching also has the function of helping to maintain the claws and keep them healthy. Scratching removes the dead outer layer of the claw so that the new growth can come through.

Don’t even think about declawing your cat. It’s cruel and affects, amongst other things, the cats ability to climb, play and defend himself. There are better ways to save your furniture. Cats who have been declawed sometimes have a change in their personality and you may simply end up with other cat behavior problems.

Getting you cat a cat scratcher post solves the problem. These can be obtained for very little outlay for a basic model. If you really want to treat your cat then there are many cat scratcher posts which incorporate a climbing tree,sleeping areas,platforms and toys. With one of these there is very little else your cat will need.

Source by Pauline Gorman