Dog Barking Control – 3 Dead Simple Tips on How to Stop Your Dog From Barking!

There are many dog barking control methods and in this short article I will mention only a few of them that proved to be the most effective. You have to know that dogs simply like to bark. It’s their way to communicate with the world, express themselves. There is nothing wrong with it as long as it’s controlled by the dog owner. If your dog is barking excessively and it became annoying to both you and your neighbors, let me show you few simple tips you can implement instantly that will help you reduce the amount of noise your dog is making.

Dog Barking Control Part 1 – Make Him Tired

One of the most popular reasons why your dog is barking is boredom. The easiest way to implement dog barking control is to start taking your little friend on a regular walks. Find a place where you can both play and exercise, let your dog approach other dogs and play with them as well. You will notice that after coming back home it will calm down and fall asleep, being exhausted. As long as you can provide interesting and active way of spending time your dog will not have the reason to bark out of pure boredom.

Dog Barking Control Part 2 – Eliminate Separation Anxiety

If you often leave home for work, your dog may develop a habit of barking out of anxiety. This, combined with whining, can be extremely annoying to your neighbors and may cause you trouble. In this case you will need to spend some additional time to implement another dog barking control method.

You have to teach your dog to stay alone without making too much hassle out of it. Let him join you when you’re doing something at home. Give him a toy to play with and comfort him, then leave the room for a few minutes and close the door behind you so that he stays there alone. Join the dog after a while but do not play with him. He has to know that the fact that you leave him alone is nothing special and nothing to worry about. Use the same method when you get back from work. Don’t get over-excited, simply pat him on the head and say ‘good dog’. This will help your dog to understand that there is nothing to worry (and bark) about because you’ll be back in a while.

Dog Barking Control Part 3 – Eliminate Boredom

One last dog barking control method you can use are various toys, hidden food or even your TV. The rule is: keep him occupied so he won’t have time to bark for attention or company. There are many dog toys on the market that allow you to stuff food inside them (called Kong) so that your dog can spend hours trying to get it out piece after piece. You can also leave some food hidden all over the house, forcing your dog to look for it, or try switching your TV on (this works with some dogs and keeps them occupied).

Source by Mario Kalkus