HAVERGO Automatic Fish Feeder Precise Food portioning with Alternate Day Feeding

Advanced Fish Feeder – It’s time to take responsibility for your fish! We offer a safe and efficient auto fish feeder that breaks the curse of traditional feeders that lead to dead fish. The push-pull feeding design ensures that the feeding port is always exposed to air, thus making the phenomenon of moist a thing of the past. Ensure that your storage remains dry and free from pests! Additionally, the fully-sealed 230ml container comes with an integrated stirring rod to prevent food from clumping.
Precision quantitative feeding – The replaceable Quantitative Clip allows for accurate control with every feeding. With three feeding portion options and a feeding frequency system ranging from 1-99 times, every aquarium can receive truly scientific feeding! Even when on vacation or a business trip, you need not worry about coming home to find excess fish food on the water surface. High residual fish food in the aquarium can have a serious impact on the ecosystem and even cause your fish to become bloated and die! Compatible with multiple types of fish food, such as flake, pellets, powder, and bars.
Intelligent Feeding System – Break free from traditional constraints, increase flexibility, and satisfy every feeding habit! You can set up to six feeding periods per day, with the option to set 1-99 feedings per period. Customize your feeding plan based on aquarium size, fish quantity, and body size. We understand that some fish require feeding every other day, which is why we also offer timed feeding on a per-day basis. You can schedule the system to feed your fish every 48 or 72 hours. Go ahead and DIY your feeding plan with ease!
Multiple Placement Options – Whether you have a with lid or an open one, installation is a breeze. The suction cups firmly attach to the cover to prevent shaking. The adjustable clip is perfect for open aquariums, allowing you to rotate the feeder 360° without being affected by the environment in which the tank is placed!
Multiple Power Options – Our fish feeder automatic dispenser supports both AAA batteries and USB power supply. With the AAA batteries, you don’t have to worry about power outages when you’re away from home. The fish feeder automatic dispenser can last up to 2 -3months in battery mode. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us. We welcome your suggestions on our product. HAVERGO fish food vacation feeder also comes with a 1-year warranty.