HITOP Full Spectrum LED Aquarium Light – Classic Fish Tank Light with RGB LEDs, with Timer and Stable Extendable Brackets

🐬 Application: 16” Full spectrum aquarium LED Light is suitable for small fish tanks with a length of 16-24in. 15W, about 2000 lumens, super bright, for fresh water or plant.
🐬 16” WRGB Multi-Color LED light: total 45 pcs LED beads: 30 White+ 6 Red +3 Green +6 Blue. Full spectrum design can meet the needs of plant photosynthesis.
🐬With Timer+ on/off button:With an easy-to-set timer device, you can freely set the lighting time of the LED light. Additional on/off button make it easier to use.
🐬 Extendable /Stable Brackets: The brackets of this aquarium plant light can be adjusted about 4 in at each end. Unique bracket feet allow the LED light to be more stable on the aquarium, suitable for fish tanks with wall thickness within 0.3 in.
🐬 Note: This LED light is not waterproof. We offer a 12-month warranty on this product.