The Ideal Cat Food for Your Feline Friend

Cats are some of the most amazing animals to have as pet; they are playful and jovial animals that can’t get enough petting and attention. However, when it comes to feeding cats a number of pet owners are often confused about the type of food that would be ideal for their pet. It is important to feed your cat a proper diet to protect it from dietary related problems such as obesity and stomach upsets such as diarrhea and constipation caused by dehydration.

Salmon based pet food products are ideal for adult cats. These foods are ideal for cats, because they offer salmon which is a rich-calorie food and contains adequate levels of saturated fats. These types of food products also contain fish meal, maize gluten, rice, wheat, maize, beet pulp, poultry fat, chicken liver digest and minerals. It is important to understand that different salmon based products offer varied nutritional levels, and it is up to you to go through the listed ingredients in order to identify the best one for your pet.

Cat foods composed of duck and chicken are also ideal pet food products for adult cats. They contain large percentages of the vital nutrients that are required for your pet’s growth and development. Some of the other ingredients found in duck and chicken based pet food products include wheat, yeast, fish meal, salt, rice, maize and poultry fat.

Other cat foods which are ideal for mature cats are those which contain turkey and cranberry. These products offer the nutrients required by your cat and they are ideally fed to cats over the age of seven. Other constituent ingredients found in these products include hydrolyzed chick meal, chicken liver digest, poultry fat, salts, minerals, maize, rice and wheat. Pet food products ideal for kittens should ideally contain adequate levels of chicken content, vitamins and calcium needed for proper growth and development.

It is important to get advice from your vet, if your cat is particularly sensitive to what it eats. Kittens should also be on balanced diets to help them acquire all the nutrients they need for proper growth and development. It is also important to get brands specially formulated for kittens. It is also wise to find out from a vet which products are ideal to feed an ill pet. Sick pets, just like human beings, require special diets to help them recuperate and gain back their strength during that period.

Source by Lindsey Watson