Ways To Make Your SUV A Pet UV

Smart investments

To transform your SUV to be more pet accommodating you may have to invest and buy a few things to help you out. Number one tip is to always have some water and spare food for your pet especially if you’re doing long road trips. With that said here are some cool items that can help make your SUV more travel for friendly for your pet and easier for you too.

Vehicle Pet Barriers – These nifty things are to keep your pet safe and in the back seat and not trying to give you kisses while your trying to drive and focus on the road. These barriers are adjustable so it can fit any vehicle.

Dog Safety Harnesses – Another great investment. These like seat belts for your dog. They will safely and comfortably keep your pet secured safely in their seat. You will be able to drive safely know your pet is secure.

Car Seat covers – Getting a pet car seat cover is beneficial to your pet and to you. A pet car seat cover will save you from your pet damaging your car upholstery as well as add comfort to your pet. A car sitting in the sun all day can heat up the seats and depending on your upholstery can possible burn your pet’s delicate paws. With a seat cover it can provide protection for your pet

Hammocks – Want the best for your pet? Have Fido relax in the lap of luxury while you focus on the driving. Pet hammocks are also a great alternative if you do not want to use pet seat covers. The pet hammock attaches to the back of the front seat and the front of the back seat and will keep pet hair off your car seats. A down side maybe Fido could be hard to see through the rear-view mirror. That could be though he is napping in his nice plush hammock.

Portable Carriers – These are a must for your cat, bird, or any other animal you have. When getting one make sure to get it your pet has some wiggle room inside. It is also advised to invest in some or crate harness straps to strap the down so it does not flop around in the back seat and cause harm to your pet. This is especially important if you are going to be traveling a long distance.

First Aid – If you got a human first aid kit in your car why not a pet first aid kit? This will definitely add a pet friendly quality to your vehicle.

Ramp – This is great for smaller dogs so they do not have to leap out of the car or be carried the seat down when you reach the dog park.

Car Seats – If you do not like the pet harness idea then the nice alternative to keep your pet safely secure and still are the pet car seat. It is usually lined with a soft fleece and it incorporates with your vehicle’s own seatbelt system.

Source by Samuel Walker Joe